Information on the Accommodation Tax

The regulation of Accommodation Tax will be being partly amended from 1st June, 2019. Since it is not included in the price shown, please pay for it upon check-in.

【Room Fee (per person, per night】
Under 7,000JPY Tax-free
Between 7,000JPY and 14.999JPY 100JPY
Between 15,000JPY and 19,999JPY 200JPY
20,000JPY or more 300JPY

January annex opening in 2019!

It’s across Shinsai-bashi Grand Hotel Osaka in January, 2019.
Shinsai-bashi Grand Hotel Osaka annex opens.


A kite at the entrance.

Free Events

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Welcome to Shinsaibashi Grand Hotel Osaka!

Our hotel is located at Shinsaibashi, the center of Osaka where is very convenient area surrounded by cool cafes, popular brand shops and tourist attractions such as Shinsaibashi mall, Ebis-bashi Bridge and Dotombori. We believe this area is good for the both Business and Sightseeing. We introduce Japanese and Osaka culture through providing many kinds of events or service to our guests. We are the hotel filled with warm hospitality based on cleanliness, peace and safety.

Note about sending parcels/luggage

1.Please be sure to fill in the name on the reservation as a receiver. When the non-guests are going to send parcels/luggage, please mention the guest name as remarks.
Please fill out name in English.
2.Please mention the arrival date in the address label.
3.Please be sure NOT to send valuable goods.
4.Parcels/luggage can be accepted one week prior to your arrival.
5.Goods shopped on-line needs to be prepaid. Cash on delivery parcels/luggage cannot be accepted.
※Please ask to the shipping company about the estimated delivery date. You are going to receive your parcels/luggage upon check in.

Accommodation Tax

The Accommodation Tax has come into effect on January 1, 2017. Hereby people who are staying at hotels or inns in Osaka Prefecture are required to pay the tax according to the room rate. Please pay for it upon check in.
10,000 JPY~14,999 JPY per person per night: 100 JPY 15,000~19.999 JPY per person per night: 200 JPY Above 20,000 JPY: 300 JPY