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Free Events

Thank you very much for joining us.
It is going to be held on from 16th Feb to 18th Feb next time.

Welcome to Shinsaibashi Grand Hotel Osaka!

It is located in center Shinsaibashi of Osaka, The location that is very convenient for Shinsaibashi mall and Ebisu-bashi Bridge,Dotombori,
business and sightseeing introduce Japanese culture, Osaka culture through various events and services, and information sends it.
It is a hotel full of the hospitality to provide relief, security in a motto with cleanliness between the sky warm.


The Accommodation Tax has come into effect on January 1, 2017. Hereby people who are staying at hotels or inns in Osaka Prefecture are required to pay the tax according to the room rate. Please pay for it upon check in.
10,000 JPY~14,999 JPY per person per night: 100 JPY 15,000~19.999 JPY per person per night: 200 JPY Above 20,000 JPY: 300 JPY